For more than 35 years, George Thomas Lewis & Company has specialized in estate, antique, and fine art auctions as well as estate appraisals.

Throughout that time, we have adapted to market ebbs and flows, and have embraced a number of technological advances led by a dramatic shift from emphasis on print media and in-house bidding to Internet advertising and live online bidding.

In this new era, buyers from around the world are able to bid online in real time, quadrupling the number of bidders at any given auction and elevating prices markedly higher. We are extremely pleased with our seamless integration of Internet bidding into our traditional “in-house” auctions, which remains respectful of our longtime customer base while propelling our business into the future.

While these advancements have been important to our success – and the success of our consignors – we have flourished because our customers and clients have recommended our services to others.

Whether you are settling an estate or simply wish to sell a few pieces, we would be pleased to meet with you. Consultations are provided without charge or obligation.



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